Jesus Is Our Partner

peter rigo partnerWe have this belief that if God wants something done, he’ll do it. Have you heard that? Whatever will be will be and it has very little to do with you and be. The problem is it’s not true, it’s not biblical, and it’s not the way God set it up. But it sounds good to us because we don’t want to believe that God is interested in working with us because we find out quickly what’s wrong with us and then we live in that state. And of course, we know that God will never work with any of us if we do something wrong, correct?

That’s not true either. That’s man, that’s religion, that’s the foundation where religion got its foothold. This concept that you’re never good enough or Godly enough or far enough along that God would ever want to work with you or through you. So we live in this state of I’ll never have God work through me so I sure hope he finds somebody else to work through.

But I’ve got an announcement today: Jesus came and paid the ultimate price. He paid the debt for you and me. He covers our sin with his blood and his righteousness. And that allows God to come into partnership with you and me, despite our failures, our faults, our inconsistencies, our limitations. God is still interested in working through you and me in partnership.

So when you read the word of God or when the word of God is taught to you, don’t check out. Don’t start counting the ceiling tiles, don’t rest your eyes, stay connected in because when you find out how much of a partner God is to you, you begin to realize there’s a lot more miracles and supernatural things that God has planned for the people around you and I and He has plans to bring it through you and I.

I tell you the Truth, anyone who believes in me will do the same works I have done, and even greater works because I am going to be with the Father. — John 14:12

Have you ever raised the dead? Have you ever turned water into wine? That’s where the problem comes in–we see what Jesus did, we see he says we will do the same works, or even greater works, but then we think maybe it’s not for us. Maybe future generations will, but we don’t believe we’re up to the task. It’s just too much pressure.

Now to make ourselves feel better, it’s been projected on that scripture that what Jesus was “really” saying was that there was going to be a whole lot more of us. That because there are millions of us, together over long periods of time we will bring about changes that can maybe be compared to what Jesus accomplished.

I think this is the easy way out. I believe that God has designed great, supernatural things to bring this Earth to a saving knowledge of who He is but we must understand today that He is partnered with us, he has contractually held Himself into an agreement that His love, His mercy, and His power is going to touch the earth and touch people on the earth who believe in Him. He’s not working outside and apart from us. We are not pylons that He navigates his way around. We are persons and we have a choice in the matter. We have a partnership with Jesus Chris.